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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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is some creek towards the enls edges, unless there is a boundary or an area where that would stop or it gets to an area where commuters would not find a place to park and take a bus back to their car. we started off with the same process. we didn't have the end -- game. the city it's isn't blanketed with original parking. >> my complaint is if you move them out of the neighborhood, at some point as you keep
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moving them every neighborhood will complain and you find yourself with no place left for them to find in san francisco. that is the concern. is the mta open to this idea? i think chair cohen raised this issue of this idea of what's happening in seattle of actually designating an area in the city where these people can park. >> i think it's what was mentioned is one of those programs where seattle and where they are working with private entities where they are housing those individuals on off sight parking lots. what we talk about is doing something on street which would be very problematic. part of the reason we are doing this is because of the over sized vehicle impact
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and designating an area in the street where they can park for that purpose. it's difficult to implement on street. i would hope there is an open mind here. i think we should look at what seattle and eugene are doing. we in san francisco have never been afraid to do something what no one else has done before. i understand that you want to respond to what you are hearing from these residents. but, we are talking about folks who at some point, you know, many of them were living in homes and rental units in san francisco. i had a conversation recently i think it was probably in supervisor
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tang's district with a gentleman who was talking about how he used to live in the neighborhood. how he was pushing out of his unit and how he could not imagine having been born and raised in san francisco living anywhere else. the only way he can do that was to live in his van. and proceeded to explain that he'd have to get a little stove where he can cook. he paid gym membership so he can use the shower and bathroom. and i asked him why are you parking in this neighborhood? well, this is where i have lived for so many years. so, i understand the concern. but at some point
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shouldn't we care about what's happening to this individual and if we can give them a place where he can safely park in a way that minimizes the impact on the neighborhood, then why wouldn't we do that? >> i don't have a good answer for that. i think the first place to start is reexamine the police codas the starting point because right now legally it's not allowed to reside in a vehicle. >> something has to give because we are taking a number of actions that are making it harder for people to live in san francisco. one of the things that happened last week which i voted against which there was a vote to push homeless folks out of recreational spaces and parks
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and golden gate park alone the civil grand jury noticed it was 450 people. we don't have shelters for them. where are they going? you can't even do what many people feel is a resort which is live in a van. so at some point, what do we do? where do these people go? i think it's understandable that we want to take action, but i think the action has to be one that also provides solutions. and i don't see a lot of solutions here. i think that the coalition to their credit is trying to figure out how they can work with this city. how they can address a very legitimate concern that has been raised in terms of these vehicles and impact on
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traffic and parking and safety. all of that is legitimate, but let's do it in a way that provides some options for folks other than simply say you cannot do this, you are not allowed to be there. let's do it where there is a place they can actually be. >> supervisor mar? >> i want to thank mr. lee and as well as from the mta. i know in september when we were looking at the pilot project and part of the goal of our office on homelessness and mta was to track more of the human impact as well and i'm hoping that moves forward as one of the solutions about what happens to the estimated
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161-200 people the coalition on homeless analysis said it was 2.5 percent of the 2011 homeless kouvenlt -- kouvenlt count. it was about 161 people living in their vehicles. then there is loma and matthew that came out to the hearings that are part of that roughly 200 people we were talking about. my hope is that the inter faith council can track the human impacts. i did want to say that i do want to acknowledge that i do get the pictures from 14th avenue and funston of the impacts. i agree with
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supervisor campos, what you agree might be great for one area, might be a total disaster for another area. i think connected with what mr. duffy suggestion for the lots to provide for the vehicles. but for boulevard neighbors and the presidio neighbors, i think you might want to take a look at that. and the other efforts you might have to look at. i do want to say that i see less of the large vehicles along full ton and park presidio where i live. i do know there are vehicles but there are otherwise that have gone to
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other parts of the city or lft the city or maybe housed to other areas i would like to see the broad success. >> supervisor tang? i'm sorry, would you like to speak? >> basically the project manager for this. i just want to say, on behalf of the mta that this really is something that the mta's brought forward in response to the board of supervisors specifically district 4 over the years. there really isn't a program at the mta, there isn't a project that we are bringing forward. there is no end -- game. we have to be really honest. there isn't a place for this. we are entirely for the board of supervisors to provide some sort of tools to respond to constituents who are concerned
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and complaining about safety and health and blight and having gone through several decades of tools that didn't work. as von told you, this body before we told you the notion of citywide ban on over sized vehicle parking, very clean, very easy to explain to the numbers that, but much more harsh, much more severe than the vehicle inhabitation question. we have to respect that. the tools that are used in san francisco, it is to respond to the request of the board of supervisors. how we use the tool is very much guided by the community and by this body. the mta don't come forward with anymore use of this tool unless there is a
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request and your constituents ask for it. supervisor mar, i am in contact with miss lagger on funston and neighbors in district 1 and 4 and we have a very large pile of request that we are holding back on going forward with out of respect to the commitment that we made to this body and our own board. >> i think there is an acknowledgment that there was not the kind of complaints, but if you received them from patty flaker and void ditch and the neighborhood boulevard but there is no complaints. >> we heard from the neighbors through your offices, through other sources and directly from citizens that either this is a
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long standing problem, we hope you will try this on our street or the problem has gotten worse on our street. when the values reports does catalog here is areas we saw intensification of the problem and around si prep and elementary. we knew that was going to happen. it's far from a perfect tool, and again i wan to emphasize as somebody who is a citizen in the district and worked on this, the mta didn't have a master plan for this. to the extent that this tool is used like other tools in our toolbox to respond to the stitch went and our electives to solve the problem. it has to have clashgs with -- collaboration with the police department, the hot program, and the agency can't
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address homelessness. this is a huge problem. we bring you this tool and we share what we saw and balancing the question in multiple request. thank you for letting me share that. >> this you for that. i really do want to recognize the comments made by supervisor campos and supervisor mar. previously without this pilot program there is no overnight parking. the police officers had to knock on the doors of these individuals and if no one answered there would be no enforcement and no providing of services. we had to partner with hope with mr. duffy's office. that was a critical piece to this and without that,
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we would have -- never gotten to the pilot program. now there is a more conscious effort where we are trying to provide services with the free parking on treasure island and helping you through to hopefully implementing new housing i think is important. we've also in our district as mentioned have has placement of vehicles and there are other consequences but also realizing in our district bordering golden gate and tail end of lincoln way of shielding other safety issues and neighbors have for decades complained
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about. that's why we felt this pilot was so important. >> thank you, well, why don't we move to public comment. i have a nice little stack here. i just want to remind folks that public comment is 2 minutes. you will hear a soft bell indicating that you have 30 seconds left. please come up front and if i call your name, you can speak. we have daryl, john decastro, melody, john mccormick. why don't you come to the podium and let's keep going. >> good afternoon, supervisors, thank you for having this on the agenda. i'm on the panel association. and we would like to express our interest in
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having the panhandle included in the next round. we were told that we were on the long list for the pilot but we didn't make it in the end. we are here for many decades as well from neighbors about the concern and public safety and health. what we witness around the panhandle tends to be younger adults who seem, and we don't see these people over again. it's not that they intend to stay, but they are more passing through. as a result there is a little bit of a less respect for the city and it's inhabit --
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inhabitants in the neighborhood and there is more defecating and from their pets. this area should be considered in the next round. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> hi. john decastro from portrero boosters again. one item i wanted to put up on the screen is just a picture of carolina street. you will note three of the four vehicles in this picture are commercial vehicles. that is a common problem in portrero hill. these two shuttle advance in the left belong to zyngas contractors and there is another limousine. there are a lot of commercial vehicles parked in our area that are large commercial vehicles that should not be parking around our streets especially around our parks. there is one camper in this
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picture. i think we need to think about the fact that it's not just vehicles, it's a lot of different over sized vehicles, there is a lot of these advance, converted u haul trucks and these are magnets. there is a lot of different things going on. we have to think about the fact that a lot of these are around schools, around parks. they create walls around our parks and schools making it easier for things to go on. it would be nice if we can do the 2004 measures here. but this being san francisco, it's not going to happen. however i volunteer at mark ferrel's district for a nice campground. we suffered in district 9, 10, 4, we are the
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camp grounds in the city for anyone who wants to park their vehicle and throw up a tent. we don't see it happening in district 2, in valley. maybe they should take the heat. >> thank you for your comments. melody? jennifer can go first. john is that okay? let's let jennifer and john and melody. >> i'm jennifer. i am the director of the coalition on homelessness. from our per -- perspective of expanding this is a wrong thing. we have been
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talking a lot about the massive numbers of evictions. we have for homeless people. i have been in this job for 19 years now and not as director but done this work for that long and never felt any where close to poor and homeless people being so under siege as they are right now at this moment. supervisor campos mentioned some of the issues. you know we have sweeps going on in the morning at 430 :30 a.m. people are being roused and wetted down by department of public works. i can keep going on and on and this as well. we have brought together some very
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clear solutions and people talk about commercial vehicles. we can limit this legislation and amend it to only applying to commercial vehicles. we can go back to what created this problem in the first place in where a lot of our commercial areas where we have huge buildings and corporations where we put no overnight parking and we can lift those and allow them to park in those industrial areas. we talked about finding parking lots and talked about trying to wave the fees. >> thank you very much. let's have john mccormick and melody and david young. >> my name is john mccormick. i
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know exactly what mr. mar was talking about. i happen to have one of these rv's down to if full ton. it looks like it's just meant to move the homeless from one place to another. i have a job, my girlfriend has a job. unfortunate we don't have enough money to afford housing. mr. yee talked a lot about tools and they are meant to fix thins and nothing is getting fixed. just the repetitiveness. some people complained about defecation. i have receipts of dumping where i go to dump my stuff. there are responsible
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people there. if i didn't have this, i would be outside and just being honest before i'm going to sleep with my girlfriend i'm going to sleep in my van. it's scary inside and outside. if i'm going to have plays to park my vehicle, i would be more than willing to stay. if something can be done, that would be awesome. >> thank you very much. melody? next is david young >> hi, i'm melody. i just want you to know that i lost my apartment in 2007 and i have been staying in the vehicle since 2008. i have early
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childhood traumatic brain injury. i am currently attending ccfs campus and volunteer one 1 day a week. i entered this system in san francisco in early 2000 before i lost my apartment and to my knowledge there are no services for traumatic brain injury in the city and county of san francisco. the city and county of san francisco continues to assess me for what i qualify for. and i have never been assessed for what i need. i have been a human ping-pong ball going between the myriad of sf agencies for what i need. i have the managers tell me my needs do not fall in the scope
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of practice. it means the city of san francisco finally narrows what they can do that their hands are tied. skipping over most of this to the end, these no parking signs are permission for the sf p.d. and sf mta to bully us and they deprive the people of the right to sleep. did you know that depriving human beings of the right to sleep is a common tactic used for terrorism. i think this is immoral for people who are law abiding citizens. please discontinue the no parking signs.
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>> ted, take it. my apologies. >> i support to increase the areas for restricting parking to these large vehicles. there is nothing in the law passed when homelessness was not the issue that gives dispensation to people just because of their so-called housing status. so, when you live outside the law, you must be honest. i would further urge as you look at the expansion of this, that one of the areas that has in fact been affected by moving, pushing the ball around is that these golden gate park panhandle,
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either side north or south of it. this is areas where i have seen crazy things going on. in addition, when you drive on fell street towards masonic there are large advance parked there. they stick out from the parked row of cars causing drivers to have to negotiate into the adjoining lane to get around them. it's simply dangerous. some of the crazy things i have seen on more than two occasions where people are stringing extension cords from a house to power these rv housing people. if that is notten sane, i don't know what is. i urge you to look at expanding this and continue to
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offer these services and people who testified, should be talking to him. that's what he's here for. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. so there is no jamie young? what about david? are you here? barbara? are you here? then we'll have christian walter and lisa marie. >> good afternoon, my name is barbara, the president of the improvement association. i had a flyer with some information that i have passed out to you. basically showing the numbers of the incidents and problems we are having on the block of 27th. there are people who have lived here and moving into this area and do not want to see the kind of problems that are created by these walls of vehicles. you name it, we've had it. you can add district 11
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to your list of problem areas. we have had people who are cooking their drugs on the street and daniel the sidewalks to the point where the rebars are popping out. we basically meet your criteria for places that should be added to the list. with the edge of the park. we have a tiny tots program. and we have limited on street parking which means people coming home late at night don't have access to this area. we have moving vehicles and trucks. they don't move sometimes for 2 weeks. i heard some talk about the 72-hour rule. it's 144-hour rule. because it has to be 72 hours before it's marked and you have to wait another 72 hours before it's moved. it's not really us
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solving our problems. it needs to be a place where people at least have a chance to share. thank you. >> thank you very much. christian walter? >> i'm not either of those people. i just want to speak about this. >> okay. get in line behind the two people. christian, are you here? come to the podium. christian you are next. >> i'm hearing a lot of things about a lot of things that seem very selfish in many ways. it seems like you have bordered off this place that is the west coast of the united states of america. not just from people of san francisco, but from people from